Deanna DiLorenzo is the author of the novel, Tell Me.

Tell Me, Lesbian Novel Book Cover



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Tell Me is the story of Meagan Summers, a determined magazine executive who is willful, stubborn, and slightly neurotic, and the changes she undergoes loving the seemingly perfect poet, Amber Reed. Sometimes humorous, sometimes frustrating; Tell Me is the story of one woman’s choices and how they affect the lives of everyone around her.



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Meagan Summers had it all–she was young and pretty, a successful businesswoman with a skyrocketing career in magazine publishing, and a baby on the way. Until, one night, she lost it all in a devastating accident that terminated her pregnancy and left her in a coma, paralyzed from the waist down. Tell Me Again follows Meagan’s meandering, difficult journey to recovery, as she struggles to overcome obstacle after obstacle–addiction, paralysis, and a fragile, sometimes volatile, relationship with her soul mate, a beautiful poet named Amber Reed.

Tell Me Again is a story of resilience in the face of overwhelming obstacles, a story of pain, friendship, forgiveness, and, most of all, love–that will leave you guessing and gasping at every turn.